New Release – Warlord of the Broken Land

Book Three of the Warlord series by Army Special Forces veteran Doc Spears.

The Greatest Upsets Occur when Complete Victory is at Hand…

As a Green Beret on an alien world, the victorious Warlord of Mihdradahl is used to being close to death. The prospect of peace and how to live in it is an entirely different story.

When a new enemy brings the end of Benjamin Colt’s peace, his purpose for living, and his entire future, the Warlord must wage a battle as no other. But how to fight an enemy that undermines the faith of his people? What weapon can be wielded to prevent a civil war among the citizens of Queen Talis Darmon’s kingdom? And in the chaos of their division, will the enemy to their south realize that now is the perfect time to invade?

Benjamin Colt must draw on every source of wisdom and experience he possesses to battle enemies known and unknowable—from the bloody, brutal battlefields to the threat ripping away at the invisible fabric of Talis Darmon’s mind.

Only a Warlord can win the fight and deliver Talis from the slow madness of forlorn that can only end in oblivion!

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