New Release – Warlord of the Nightmare Realm

Book Two of the Warlord series by Army Special Forces veteran Doc Spears.

The War is Paused but Nowhere Near Over!

Benjamin Colt and his team have done the impossible, but the Red Army must gather its strength before their Warlord leads them to one last battle and total victory.

The far western city of Pyreenia is home to a people alienated from the rest of Mihdradahl, and the last holdout of the barbaric army led by Ben’s former teammates. But festering in the remote city is an evil greater than any horde of four-armed savages.

With the help of new allies and old enemies, Benjamin Colt and his friends explore realms lost to time and sanity, all to keep a promise. By his life or his death, he’ll use everything learned as a Special Forces operator to win his queen her kingdom.

The atmosphere is depleted. Ben’s army is rife with infiltrators bent on murderous revenge. His queen’s council is riddled with conspirators who plot his demise.

Evil has a name as well as a sanctuary, leaving Benjamin Colt no choice but to take the path he knows best—to walk the gauntlet of combat. He’ll wield his brand of destruction to prove himself the true inheritor to the title, chosen by the ghost of the only other to bear the name… Warlord!

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