Audio Release Violence of Action

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Speed, surprise, and aggression… Hit on Jackpot is go.

The scourge of the Savage Lands, an ancient dragon allied to a gathering storm of dark forces threatening the world of Ruin, becomes the next target of the most fearsome shock troops ever conceived, prepared, and trained for total war: U.S. Army Rangers.

Deep beneath a once-fantastic ruined empire, a creature more terrible, diabolical, and malevolent than any myth ever told lies atop a vast horde of wondrous treasure and deadly magic, dreaming dreams of greed and terror. The Rangers of the Ruin will thread the dangerous trap-laden depths of a deadly desolation sinking into a foul swamp in order to get their hit on the ancient prize.

But wyrm be warned, the fight you pick with Rangers… is going to be the last fight you pick.

It’s Rangers vs. Dragon as the saga of Forgotten Ruin continues!

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Audible Edition coming 12/31/21